Add a new dimension to your business with a 3D sign

Create your 3D sign online and save money in 3 easy steps

Introducing 3D Letters

3D Letters is committed to bringing low cost 3D lettering signage to businesses in New Zealand . 3D signage adds a unique depth and exposure; it gives your business that extra impact it needs to stand out from the crowd. They look expensive but now they are not!

Your business sign may be your customers first contact with your business, it may be the way they find your business or it can instil a sense of professionalism and trust in your brand. By developing our ‘Do It Yourself’ online signs website, 3D Letters are able to bring you professional and inexpensive 3D signs, letters and numbers for your business.

3D Letters is the expansion of our original custom sign business, Wizpert Signs. We have been in the signage business for many years, creating unique looks for New Zealand businesses, helping their customers find them and grow their business.

Making it Easy

Our online signs are designed around the creation of 3D letters and signs. Our easy to use ecommerce website uses a simple ordering process. Choose the material, choose the size, font and colour, and we will deliver your new sign with full installation instructions to anywhere in New Zealand. Your business signs will look professional and leave a lasting impression.

Full range to choose from

With a number of materials designed for any location, surface, interior or exterior installation, your sign will strengthen your business brand - all at an inexpensive cost. From metallic look letters to coloured PVC, ACM and MDF letters, a wide range to suit all business.

Which material type is right for you?

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Things to consider before buying your sign:

  1. Measure the overall size of the area you have to fit the sign. Bear in mind you may not want to fill this area completely.
  2. Decide which font style you'd like for your letters (e.g. Times New Roman, Courier, Helvetica etc.).
  3. Decide on the colour you'd like your letters to be.